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我们的目标是满足学生的需求,帮助他们建立成功之路. Whatever age, whatever demands and challenges you face, whatever education and career paths you have or haven't taken, we will work with you to break barriers and find opportunity. 无论你是想获得学位还是只是想接受一些工作培训, 网赌的十大网站确保所有的学习者和社区都得到途径的支持, programs, supports, and services that meet their educational needs.

  • How We Serve All Learners

    网赌的十大网站不只是针对一种类型的学生. We are organized to serve all learners, whether they are teenagers trying to get ahead, adult students looking to complete degrees, 或者为自己或员工寻求职业培训或专业发展的个人.


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Defy your doubts. 现在是开始攻读学位的最佳时机, or finish a path you started, or take a course to advance in your career. 我们提供的各种课程和负担得起的学费会让你去你想去的地方.

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You Did the Work, Now Earn the Degree

Use what you already know through relevant learning, work, or life experience and apply it towards a degree. 你最多可以获得90个学分来获得学士学位. Learn how you can maximize your life experience for a degree. 我们承认一些正式和非正式的经历和活动是先验学习.

Prior Learning Assessment
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A Place for Our Active or Retired Military

UC is where military members deployed overseas, serving here at home, 或者那些已经服务过的人可以开始他们的下一步. 我们与各个军事部门的教育官员合作并保持伙伴关系,这样我们就可以最好地为我们的军人家庭服务,并提供服务和资源,如军人折扣和学生退伍军人组织(SVO). 

Military Students
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来自普罗维登斯和帕塔基特的中学生或高中生可以在加州大学学习大学课程. 来自这些城市的学生和年轻人,如果他们没有顺利毕业或没有毕业证书就离开了高中,也可以从“通往大学之路”开始获得高中文凭.

Early College Students

A Place for Partnerships

We are a thought partner and leader, working to solve problems, innovate, disrupt, 并建立新的系统,为家庭创造积极和可衡量的影响, communities, and the State. 无论是设计定制课程还是向您的员工开放我们的课程和培训, 我们随时准备提供所需的支持和专业知识,以满足您的具体目标和需求.


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